Xin Fang

fang xinMSc (CHN)

Xin Fang, Beijing/China

Director and Supervisor of Center for Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy at Peking University.

Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree at Psychology Department of Peking University, Studied as doctoral candidate in Heidelberg University and Tuebingen University in Germany(2000-2002)

Country member of International Society of Hypnosis

Founder and President of Chinese Erickson Institute

President of the First Chinese Conference of Clinical Hypnosis

Founding Group Leader of Hypnotherapy Group and Board Member of

Psychotherapy and Counseling Committee under Chinese Mental Health Association

Vice Director of CBT Committee and Vice Director of Psychological Counselors’ Committee under Chinese Mental Health Association

Founding Group Leader of Couple and Marriage Counseling Group of Clinical and Counseling Committee under Chinese Psychological Society

Vice President of the German-Chinese Academy for Psychotherapy

Member of Advisory Committees of National Education Ministry, Advisory Committees of National Health Commission and Advisory Committees of Beijing Public Security Bureau

Specialty: CBT, Hypnotherapy, Couples therapy, Psycho-trauma Therapy and Crisis Intervention, Ego state therapy

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