B. Allen - The Golden Wattle Cookbook of Hypnosis - simple tried and testes recipes that really work

The Golden Wattle Cookery Book is a popular Australian cookery book first published in Western Australia in 1926. Since then it has been reprinted 27 times and has been a standard gift to many young brides (and of recent times bridegrooms) embarking on married life. It contains simple recipes which are easy to follow and which produce good results. (Wikipedia)

This workshop explores and demonstrates some simple tried and tested “recipes” for Hypnosis which are drawn from the presenters 40 years of full time private practice experience. It presents a useful model for doing hypnosis and offers techniques that are simple to implement, practical and effective.

Content includes:

• A model for doing Hypnosis.
• Your voice is your instrument - using it to maximum effect.
• A “Fail Safe” induction.
• The use of music.
• Guidelines and a protocol for the use of the Affect/Somatic Bridge:
• Phobia protocol.

• A Healing of Memories technique
• Something to try when all else fails!

• Success Soufflé – a generic recipe.

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