T. Goldfus - Trauma, Young People and the Power they give the Internet. Using Hypnotherapy and Body Work for Healing and Resiliency Building

For heavy users of Social Media, self-esteem is often linked with how they are “perceived” or “liked” or “followed”. Of course, this is most profound with adolescents and young adults, though not exclusive. Non-response to a post or negative feedback can have damaging and traumatic effects on fragile or developing egos. In turn, acting out (online and in real life), increased depression, agitation, anxiety, and isolation are often the result. This workshop will explore how trust and perception of “relationships” (friendships and romantic) online can fluctuate widely. We will explore perimeters of newly defined concepts such as “cyberpresence” and “cybervigilance”, expecially in light of the spectrum of “cybertrust” and “cybersincerity”, which range from authentic to totally false.

Techniques for detraumatization using somatic work, hypnotherapy, and the building of the “observer” self will be demonstrated.

Deconstructing case examples and using Group participation will be invited for discussion.

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